Saankhya currently provides end-to-end engineering and Allied services worldwide in the following sectors:

Energy (Oil, Gas and Power)

The world is dependent on it, the demand is far more than the supply and with reducing wealth of mother earth, it is important for us to ensure optimization of resources and build an efficient service side of the business. Saankhya in this endeavour to ensure efficiency, cost optimization and optimal usage of resources, is build a team of qualified and experienced people which will ensure a collaborative working culture improving quality and ensuring a complimentary relationship between all the stakeholders of the industry and the company.


In today’sworld any regions’ progress is defined by its current state of Infrastructure and the ability of the region to plan ahead to build a robust and efficient network without wastage of time and money and schedule slippage…, to ensure this a strong committed team is required which delivers on time, ensures quality at all cost and builds a trust, Saankhya is driven by these values and it endeavour to provide the best in class services for the Infrastructure Industry.

Process Plants

The importance of design, construction and maintenance is what one needs to believe in to ensure long life and efficient operations of facilities. In a life span of many years new generations come and replace old and in the process when the assets become old much of the information that was passed generations after generations is lost or misinterpreted. Saankhya understand the importance of keeping the information intact and we ensure it by bringing the latest and user friendly technology on board.


In today’scompetitive market it has become very unpredictable for players in the industry to predict the schedule of projects and comprehend and ensure 100 % usage of the resources. Many a time what once was a highly efficient and required resource become redundant and a liability. Saankhya has the solution, we at the backend work as your engineering department and assist you when there is over work. This ensures that you maintain a lean and efficient pool of people all along and never be in a situation of downsizing your team.