Lasergrammetry is a high-speed, ‘measurement without contact’ technology wherein 3D coordinates of points on the surface of an object are determined by projecting laser spots and utilizing advanced scanning methods each spots’ location is measured. This technology aids in quick and accurate capture of true 3D (Spatial) data for variety of assets which includes industrial plants, onshore and offshore plants and facilities, buildings, monuments etc. Digital data collected in the form of point cloud is exported to packages such as SmartPlant, PDS, EPLANT, Auto PLANT etc. to produce plant as- built and a full scale intelligent 3D Plant models. Point cloud data is also used to verify as-built and as-engineered inconsistencies thus warning the commissioning team and O&M team of any unpredictable event.

Construction and planning projects require accurate information on aboveground and underground utilities. Accurate techniques for non-destructive detection of such utilities, therefore, are extremely important. Poor records, improper notification, and excavation errors all contribute to making subsurface utility breaks an often costly but preventable problem. As built Engineering – a non-contact technology which inherently is non-destructive and non-hampering, involving Laser and underground scanning followed by converting dumb models into intelligent 3D models is one such solution.It accurately depicts the site conditions and assists Engineers during all stages of the Asset life cycle, i.e. during planning by creating virtual facilities; monitoring during the construction phase; commissioning or decommissioning or even at the time of operation and maintenance; capacity enhancement; relocation; reconstruction or revamping. This technology gives a new lease of life to the assets at a very reasonable cost.


Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) is a discipline dedicated to the determination of the exact location of existing underground facilities. Use of SUE makes sure that utilities are accurately picked up and plotted on plot plans. This in turn reduces costs and delays. In addition, by eliminating the risk of utility breakage, the project will be safer for both construction personnel and the project team, hence reducing any concerns. Subsurface Utility Engineering or SUE is a new discipline that utilizes modern techniques to detect underground utilities in a total non-destructive manner. This process results in a digital map that will identify utilities within the project area. A number of geophysical technologies are being used currently, selected by applicability, for identifying the horizontal locations of particular utilities for example Induction Utility Locators, Ground Penetrating Radar etc.

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